Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Music Migrant

Several years ago, I reported on this very blog that my daughter, Amber, was interviewed by the BBC for their series called "Music Migrants." I was thrilled to be able to share a link to that story; but alas, the owner of that website decided to do a virtual house-cleaning, and deleted that file!! Poof. Gone. Forever. I was heartbroken. It was such a profound loss to me because I learned more about the PASSION that defines and propels her life's journey in that 14 minutes than I had known in the last 17 years since she left home.

Tonight, I am beyond ecstatic to report that my lost treasure has been returned to me through the unfailing perseverance of her father, and the courtesy of Falling Tree Productions.

So, just what is a "Music "Migrant?" It is a person for whom music has been the motivation leading them to abandon their former lives and cross countries, continents or oceans to start afresh in an unknown place. Amber left home at age 16 to follow her passion to play the violin; first at North Carolina School of the Arts, and then upon her graduation, to Leipzig, Germany. What incredible boldness, bravery and pluck to gamble so much on a dream.

I love it when things perfectly align in the universe. Yesterday, Just minutes before David walked in the door and announced that he had a surprise for me, I read MeRaKoh's encouraging post on her blog about pursuing your passion and never letting go of your dreams. And then suddenly, I am hearing that message again in my child's own voice! What more could any mother hope for?

Amber; I am sooooo proud of you, not just because of your incredible beauty, talent, and achievements, but even more so, that you are so strong, courageous, ambitious, and determined. Thank you for the joy and inspiration.

The journey begins.
7 years old
Studio recital, circa 1984
Amber is third from left; Stuart Mackey (her new husband as of last week!) is second from left.

Boni Cox Haynes (left), Amber (right), and Stuart (seated) playing in the Winston-Salem Symphony's "Concert for Kids by Kids) circa 1985 or 86.
Practicing on the banks of the New River in Fries where she won a talent show and $100!
Amber and Stuart entertaining at the courthouse in Independence, VA
NCSA Graduation Recital
Leipzig, Germany
Baroque music on Baroque instruments in a Baroque room
circa. 2001 or 2002

Nischwitz, Germany



The Bride!
March 19, 2011

. . . and a puzzle, of course:
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Saturday, February 05, 2011

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My daughter is a fantastic model!
She has an iphone and hipstamatic.
I don't.
Check out her facebook album by clicking on that link above higlighted in blue.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Signs of Life Have Been Detected

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No comment or excuses about my absence the last few months, though it might have something to do with facebook being much easier and faster!
So, just to show that I still know a thing or two about taking pictures, here is a slideshow of the Homeschool school pictures that I took last fall.