Friday, July 04, 2008

Mud, Glorious, Mud!

ROAR R R R!!! Jigsaw PuzzleROAR-R-R-R!!! Jigsaw Puzzle

This is what happens to mild-mannered women who have had their fill of mud! One person asked the question, "Where's the mud?" To which I reply,

. . .and here,

. . .and here, grrr!!!!!

here, too . . .

now multiply that!

Bridge over the River Red


Here a little, there a little, everywhere: MUD!

The one shot I took in the yard that does NOT have any mud in it! I had to practically lay on my back and shoot straight up to get it.
Some other changes around here that are all part of the master plan. Amy, these 2 shots are for you! I know you will be proud of us!

My son, the master builder, who will save us from disorganized clutter.


Amy Renzulli said...

Mom, I AM so proud of you! I'm excited to see that ancient window AC unit leaving, and all those huge pieces of furniture that weren't really right for your needs. How is it possible that my brother can be wearing a gas mask and STILL look so handsome? How does he do it? He's got so much charm.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, ear's Mud-n-Ur eye!

Remind yourself that although mud pies are messier than dirt clods, they aren't nearly as painful.

So...Don't put your eye out kid!

BTW, was that one of my kitchen chairs? I coulda made a fortune on e-bay.

janie blainie

JP Barnes said...

In recognition of previously repeated replies, the collective memberz of my inner committee would like to add...


Bifurcation has occured again, and again, and again... Chaos is imminent.


C McPherson said...

Nope! Janie Blaney; not yours. We inherited it from Dave's college apartment when all the guys moved out and we moved to Richmond.