Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Banner Day!

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My, my, my!!!
I hardly know where to begin tonight!
In door #1, we have Amos and Cara. They have set a date and place for the wedding: November 28 at the Gilliam Mill Park in Sanford NC. Here are some shots I found on the web:

How fitting that we did the engagement shoot at Mabry Mill.

Behind door #2, You will find the wonderful FRONT PAGE story about the JoyBell Ringers featured in our humble hometown's newspaper: Fellowship of the Ringers
You all know how silly proud I am of my ringers; There won't be any decorum of restraint left now! It's immensely satisfying to see them receive some well-earned recognition.

And lastly, waiting behind Door #3, There is a slideshow from music camp. This is an absolutely marvelous event sponsored by the Virginia Baptists each summer at Eagle Eyrie.The theme this year was "Whatever" You know, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure…think about such things.” Philippians 4:8 NIV

Those are the doors, but there's more good stuff hiding in the corners, too. Larry, the lawn guy showed up today to start the healing of our landscape. We're looking for greener days ahead in the near future. There's some sporadic activity at the building site of the new wall. Perhaps, that will become a regular occurrence this week.
And finally, (yes, really finally) here are some more accolades from the Symposium for "Saint Debbie" written on the Handbell-L mailing list by Valerie Stevenson.

"Not sure anyone has said much about these fantastic events in hot and rainy Orlando, FL from Aug 3-11. It was quite a feat for AGEHR to pull off at one time, but they did it.
I had never been to a symposium, and this one was in my backyard. What a delight to meet, ring and try to speak or understand in many different languages. BUT, as usual, making music made it easy as that's the one code we could all understand, and the conductor's gestures also made lots of things quite clear with little verbal explanation.
Besides the quite miraculous concert with the Orlando concert band, some pianists and our wonderful president Debbie Rice on a vocal, the most fun was "the trinket exchange", which gave us all a chance to exchange small gifts and meet those from around the world. Photos, autographs, trinkets and ice cream made that a great night.
The walks from the hotel room to the ringing site were exhausting for all but Olympic runners, who were also starting into action in Peking whilst we were at these events.
Tim Waugh about did it all, from unloading equipment at the loading dock (yup, saw him there too), to conducting our first Distinctly Teen (and they were great), to being the high Priest at our Renfaire luncheon, to teaching at seminar, and I'm not sure what else.
That could only be topped by our President, Debbie Rice, who conducted what can only be considered a miracle with Carmina Burana (arr by Bill Griffin, also miraculous). But Debbie also gave opening, closing, in between-ish speeches IN Japanese as well as English; sang for numerous things, and generally became "Saint Debbie" for all of us."

The most abundant commodity at music camp are the smiles. Here's a few to brighten your day.

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