Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunset at Makanda by the Sea

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Today's puzzle brought to you by Amy's iPhone because I LOST, *#%*$#*, my CF card with the pictures from that night on it. Here is Amy's shot of me taking those pictures, though.

This was the evening that we checked into the Makanda by the Sea, and decided right away that we didn't want to go any where else in Costa Rica that would require all day traveling on a public bus, night time temperatures in the 50's , lots of rain and fog, and renting of boots for wading through the mud while hiking. No sirreeee!!!!!! Give me perfect sunsets over the ocean,

the perfect terrace and the infinity pool to view them from,

fresh, cooked to order breakfasts delivered to my door every morning,

Fresh flowers and cute little towel creatures on my bed every evening,

my own private cove for swimming,
Fascinating jungle creatures cavorting in the trees around the perfect terrace,

and delectable dining on the deck of that gorgeous infinity pool.
And just for good measure, let's throw in a massage on my terrace while we watch that sunset.

To me; that's a no-brainer!! But I will put Monte Verde on the agenda again for my return to Costa Rica. We'll just do clouds, rain, and mud before we go to paradise.

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Amy said...

ahhh, such good times!