Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Bokeh Challenge

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Ree, the Pioneer Woman, has issued a challenge to show her your best fall bokeh. While I can't declare that this is my best (who knows?!) it is what I could find inside the gleaming mac's metallic skin and not banished into utter digital darkness on some forsaken hard drive. What's that "bokeh," you say? It's all that fabulous, luminous, silky, buttery, part of the picture that is not in focus. The lower your f-stop number is, the better bokeh you get. Shoot wide open real close and personal for the best bokeh.
"The Fall Bokeh Shoot-Out"


anne said...

I love, love, love the second one of the grass seed heads...and the next one with the grapes glowing in the late (or early?) sun. Beautifully done!

C McPherson said...

Awww, Thanks!
They were both shot at the "golden hour," late afternoon.

David Zwakenberg said...

I love them all. I really like the one of the boot bird house and the one of the three leaves.

Your blog is always such good inspiration for going and doing some photography of my own. And it is a blast with my camera!