Monday, January 04, 2010

Making Up for Lost Time

Not with words, but with deeds . . . .er . . . puzzles. I came home to a full disk, as in 12 megabytes left, so I can't download my Germany pictures. The only cure was some cut-throat house-cleaning. It's been a fine journey down Memory Lane, all the way back to 2006. Here are some things that just begged to be made into puzzles before they were clicked into oblivion. Have Fun!
Beam Me Up, Scotty Jigsaw PuzzleBeam Me Up, Scotty Jigsaw Puzzle
Golden Staircase Jigsaw PuzzleGolden Staircase Jigsaw Puzzle
Tow-Mater's Brother Jigsaw PuzzleTow-Mater's Brother Jigsaw Puzzle
Impala and Wigwams Jigsaw PuzzleImpala and Wigwams Jigsaw Puzzle
Take the Wheel Jigsaw PuzzleTake the Wheel Jigsaw Puzzle
Grilled Jigsaw PuzzleGrilled Jigsaw Puzzle
Reinvent the Wheel Jigsaw PuzzleReinvent the Wheel Jigsaw Puzzle
Woodland Blooms Jigsaw PuzzleWoodland Blooms Jigsaw Puzzle
Skull and Horns Jigsaw PuzzleSkull and Horns Jigsaw Puzzle
Koi #3 Jigsaw PuzzleKoi #3 Jigsaw Puzzle
Orchid #6 Jigsaw PuzzleOrchid #6 Jigsaw Puzzle
Gold on Ferns Jigsaw PuzzleGold on Ferns Jigsaw Puzzle
The Cascades Jigsaw PuzzleThe Cascades Jigsaw Puzzle
Standing Tall for Fall Jigsaw PuzzleStanding Tall for Fall Jigsaw Puzzle
Reach for the Sky Jigsaw PuzzleReach for the Sky Jigsaw Puzzle
Fall by the Creek Jigsaw PuzzleFall by the Creek Jigsaw Puzzle
Monumental Words Jigsaw PuzzleMonumental Words Jigsaw Puzzle
Monumental 2 Jigsaw PuzzleMonumental 2 Jigsaw Puzzle
Monumental Jigsaw PuzzleMonumental Jigsaw Puzzle
Psychedelic Jigsaw PuzzlePsychedelic Jigsaw Puzzle
The Metro Jigsaw PuzzleThe Metro Jigsaw Puzzle
Dragon Boats Jigsaw PuzzleDragon Boats Jigsaw Puzzle
Baltimore Jigsaw PuzzleBaltimore Jigsaw Puzzle
A Big Catch Jigsaw PuzzleA Big Catch Jigsaw Puzzle
Hold My Hand Jigsaw PuzzleHold My Hand Jigsaw Puzzle
Hold My Hand Jigsaw PuzzleHold My Hand Jigsaw Puzzle
Going Green Jigsaw PuzzleGoing Green Jigsaw Puzzle
Helmets and Harnesses Jigsaw PuzzleHelmets and Harnesses Jigsaw Puzzle
Sheldon Ruins Jigsaw PuzzleSheldon Ruins Jigsaw Puzzle
Paris Jigsaw PuzzleParis Jigsaw Puzzle
Room for Comfort Jigsaw PuzzleRoom for Comfort Jigsaw Puzzle
Fence Line Jigsaw PuzzleFence Line Jigsaw Puzzle
fenced in Spider Jigsaw PuzzleFenced in Spider Jigsaw Puzzle
Head to Head Jigsaw PuzzleHead to Head Jigsaw Puzzle

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Kim said...

Charlotte!!!! I stumbled upon your blog by accident and it totally made my day! I hope you are well! I love seeing your pictures and miss the McPherson clan very much!

Much love,
Kim (Aldred) Gunter