Saturday, July 24, 2010

"I Do!" at the Villa Appalaccia

First things first. No, I am not dead! I have actually trekked from the west coast back to the east coast this summer, and if I ever get caught up, the world will get to see proof of that trip right here. I have also discovered that it is much easier and faster to upload pictures and notes to facebook which has led to flagrant blogger neglect.

Tomorrow is the commencement of McPherson Beach Week, and I've gotta get packin', so this is a quick post to share Carolyn and Phillip's sweet wedding at the Villa Appalaccia last weekend.
Carolyn and Phillip.

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von said...

We've missed your beautiful photos and the PUZZLES--hint, hint.

So glad to hear that you are okay (you are, aren't you?) and that all is well.