Thursday, December 21, 2006

Jingle Bells!

We indulged in some Christmas merry-making at Foster Falls on the New River Trail last Saturday.

For the price of a few canned goods, you get to embark on a wagon or hayride around the festively lit park, drink hot cocoa, warm your buns by the fire, and whisper your wishes in Santa's ear.Click the play button below to see some of the sights, or watch the slidshow BIG here.


Anonymous said...

The pictures of the festival are outstanding! I am amazed at how the spirit of the evene was captured.

I am having difficulty running the slideshow, any suggestions?

C McPherson said...

Thanks, (whomever you are!)
If you are using dial-up for your internet connection, that is likely the culprit. Just be patient and let it load. If the whole show won't load, you can at least click on the gallery button on the bottom right corner of the control panel and click through all the pictures. Thanks for taking a look!