Friday, December 15, 2006

T'is the Season!

"It's been a busy week in my hometown . . ." getting ready for the holidays. Here's some Christmas scenes I caught this week.

This is Hyrum and Bethany in front of their home with their totally cute, rocking luminaries they made out of milk jugs! Hyrum is a med student at the new medical school at VA Tech in Blacksburg. We met them at a drug rep sponsored dinner at the Chateau Morrisette last week. I stopped by their house when I was in town doing some shots for Northstar Church , a vibrant, thriving church planted and pastored by our dear friend, Bob Jackson.

This is Bob and Sandra's 2 year old granddaughter, Violet, discovering the joys of the season.

We all know that flu season tends to come walking hand-in-hand with the holidays. The unwelcome visitor called on some of my ringers this week and led to a quarantine at one the nursing homes we were scheduled to play, so our holiday performances had to be postponed. But we partied on anyway! We built our cracker house town, ate pizza, watched the Raleigh Ringer's Christmas video, which inspired them to go practice right then even though they didn't have their music!

Here is a slideshow of the festivities:(click on the play button to start show)

Click here if you would like to see the show larger.


Kathy Price said...

I enjoy getting your updates and love the pictures of your "mystery trip" to Sedona.
I must say that Bob and Sandra's granddaughter is definitely a Jackson. She reminds me of all three of the "J" kids. Joel sent a message to "MySpace" (cool huh?) so I've heard from him. Take care and keep that shudder (sp?) clicking!

Kathy Price

Anonymous said...

Finally found you on a friend's computer. Amazing!!! ME