Thursday, October 23, 2008

October Wedding Bells

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It's been for-ev-aah since I've made a slideshow. Well, today I made two!!!
Megan and Chance
Adam and Becky
Disclaimer: These shows are not necessarily the WHOLE story of these weddings; they are just a collection of my favorite shots. Hope you all like them, too!

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Michelle said...

OK..... share the creativity! What action are you running to create the thicker, more dense vignette around the photos??!?!?!! And I MISS TRAINING WITH YOU!!!!! Boo-hoo! You have got to come this direction (feel free to bring the boat as we'll be full-fledged lake inhabitants by this time next week!) and give me a lesson or two! BTW... don't tell Jackie she looks like me... she used to love it when she was little, but of late, it's not her favorite thing to hear! I guess it's the age.