Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Day in the Life

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This day was unexceptionally ordinary and all together extraordinary at the same time because it was the day Starla was laboring to bring little Ava into the world. I haven't finished editing yet, but thought you'd like a peek.
Emily puts up Mama's hair for the long labor ahead.
Mother and Daughters
It didn't take long for Agape's radar to detect that SOMETHING was going on! Here she is doing what she does best: getting all the little baby clothes organized and ready.
Lucy passes the time in creative pursuits.
Tea Time is a regular institution in the Murrell household, and "Labor Day" is no exception.
Little Charlotte (she's not the baby any more!) loves books and carries a handful of them everywhere she goes.
Agape keeps a watchful eye on the all important belly.
Naptime for the ones who are not preoccupied with contractions.
Dana and Sammy being to being oh so . . .  . . so teenagerish!!! 
A vigorous outing in the park to encourage the reluctant womb to get a move on!
Paul and Nathanael frolic in the unseasonably warm sunshine 
oblivious to the impending grand event.

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Amy Renzulli said...

As always, a beautiful documentary. You really capture the special details and nuances so well. I love the continual unfolding of your blog as you tell stories. Thank you, Mom!