Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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Some inspiration from this weekend's Special Olympics basketball tournament:
That determined little pansy is growing in the sidewalk along a wall surrounding the Va Tech memorial to the April '07 massacre victims. Poignant.

After 4 years of participating in the basketball tournament at Va Tech, and practicing every Sunday since last August, our team, the Carroll County All Stars finally won a tournament game!!! They were already winners from the first year, but it sure was thrilling for them to finally have the score to prove it!

Meet some winners:
One of them is facing brain surgery in the near future.
One them's mother is in the fourth round of her battle with cancer.
One of them is the smallest player on the team.
One of them, just this week, passed the math SOL test after many attempts.
All of them are incredibly inspiring individuals.


Anonymous said...

More, please!---Coach Vickey

Amy Renzulli said...

Way to go all stars! I'm so proud of all the winners!