Thursday, March 19, 2009

Winston Salem in the Morning

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Oh What a beautiful morning!
Oh what a mighty fun day!
I spent the morning cruising the streets of Winston Salem with my Rejoice, buddy, Yvonne, in her Espresso Ambulance. We played it up for the camera and had way more fun than ought to be legal on the job. Just wait and see!


Amy Renzulli said...

Nice shot. I look forward to seeing the rest. It's beautiful here in LA, but I am chained to my drafting table until Tuesday. Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Lilless said...

Just tried to send a comment and it didn't come up. Am trying again. Your blog doesn't seem to like me and I don't know why because I like it and read it all the time.

C McPherson said...

Hey Lilless,
Blogger doesn't pick favorites! The comments don't appear right away because I have to read them first and then publish them. so, talk it up on here. I love to hear from my readers and know that I have touched somebody in some way with my thoughts.
Love you, sister,