Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A camera you can talk on (guest blog from Amy)

Mom (Charlotte) is in the Outer Banks and I thought I would take this opportunity to briefly hijack her blog. She recently got a new phone and when she went into the store to get it, she told the salesperson that she wanted a camera she could talk on. So classic. My current phone has really surprised me with the quality of pictures I've been able to take with it. It even offers black and white and sepia options - not bad for a standard-issue (bottom of the line) phone! BUT, my contract is coming to a close this week, and the timing could not have been more providential since my contract expires the day before the release of the new 3Gs iPhone. I have had iPhone lust ever since the first iteration came out, and this Friday my dreams of having my very own iPhone will be realized. As much as both Mom and Dad are dying to have iPhones (sadly, they are not available in rural Virginia), I know they are both very happy for me to be getting one. As an homage to my old phone, I have included these images taken with it around where I live in Hollywood.

This store is on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks across the street from the place where I did freelance editing work. The sunset was amazing:

Another night, just down the street from my apartment in Hollywood. The glow in the upper right corner is the moon rising:

Same night, experimenting with the sepia feature on my phone. The pointed spire on the left side is the top of the Capitol Records building:

LA has really interesting light at night. The sky is always glowing, and I love the moodiness that the streetlights in this image evoke:

So long, old phone. HELLO BABY, new iPhone!!!



C McPherson said...

You are right: SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!!!! I want! I need!
thanks for keeping the blog going while I'm doing Minister of Fun duty on the OBX. My new phone ran out of picture storage space tonight. Rats!
Love the shots from your town, baby.
Slinking off to nurse my i-Phone neediness.

gilliebean said...

Really great cell phone pics!! Looking forward to seeing the great pics that you'll take with your new iPhone!!