Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"Just You and Me, Mommy"

This is what Agape told me on Monday while we were exploring the Energy Explorium.
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We had dropped big brother off at the airport earlier in the day, and had no reason to hurry home (other than the fact that I had only 2 and 1/2 hours of sleep the night before,) so we stopped and visited our old friends, Kyleene and Jody Hill, then I took Agape to see the dam that holds all of Lake Norman. Things like that are an endless fascination. We passed a sign on the highway leading to the dam that pointed the way to the Duke Energy Explorium. All these decades that we have driven down I-77 and seen those brown signs, we never took the time to stop, until that afternoon. So, it's FREE, informative, interactive, and a beautiful location on the shores of the lake with lovely lawns, gardens, picnic areas, decks, a pier, a long, well-annotated nature trail, and at least until September, a deeply satisfying photography exhibit (real platinum prints!) called "River Docs" documenting the Catawba River. It was while we were walking down that trail that Agape just spoke up and said, "It's just you and me, mommy." Instantly I was pricked to the core with guilt, because I realized that I haven't made time to do things alone with her for a loooong time, and I didn't realize that she noticed or cared. She always wants "friends" to do things with. Dear Jesus, please help me to change that.
Here is a little photo journal of our day:
Mom and Amos doing the happy dance before departure.

The Designated Driver

Agape's view of Lake Norman
Brotherly Love
Good-Bye, Amos!

Agape's old friend, Jody Hill. He grew up!

THE Dam!
The River below the dam.

Agape enjoying the butterfly garden at the Energy Explorium.

The View, for free!
What a Cutie!

Exploring Energy
How a turbine produces electricity.
By the Lakeside.

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