Friday, October 09, 2009

Come Into Our Cave House

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I am crazy in love with our little Cave House at Citronella! Mosquito nets. Fresh air. Enchanting views. A hammock and deck chairs. A shower out on the cliff. My very own private swimming cove. The sound of the sea lapping at the cliffs and waves booming inside the cave underneath us to lull me to sleep at night and greet me in the morning. Sleeping under a mosquito net. Sleeping outside under the full moon. Do you see a pattern here? Sleep. Relax. Sleep. I slept twice as much here as I do at home.

Wouldn't you love to come in?
Mosquito nets.

Did I say mosquito nets????
Forgive me please. I've never had a mosquito net before. I'm smitten.
The last thing I saw at night.
The first thing I saw in the morning.
Would you like to come sit a spell on the porch?

Isn't this just the most charming place?!
The terrace.
The front yard.

Oh, how I loved my front yard!
The neighbors and their cove. On the other side of that cliff is the "world-famous Rick's Cafe." We swam over there one night to see the cliff-diving action. Craaazzzzy, Mon!

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Amy said...

Beautiful! So glad you got to experience this! Do you have any underwater pics?