Monday, October 22, 2007

Joel and Kelly

Together. Forever.

Joel and Kelly sealed their commitment to one another this past Saturday on a mountain top surrounded by family, friends, and the most magnificent fall scenery imaginable. Joel's mom, Carol, is one of my very best forever friends. We started La Leche League together in Galax, and shared nursing and raising our babies together for many years until she moved to Florida. (Her oldest, John, and my Amy are one week apart; Joel and Amos are two weeks apart, and were absolute best buddies.) So, how much fun was it to get to relax and enjoy my friends at a wedding and take pictures just for love and pleasure!

Everything about their wedding was simple and beautiful! I loved their flowers (Joel said that he picked them out!), Marlene Adams created such an elegant cake for them, the big tent was so festive, and the blugrass band was pickin' and grinnin' as they say up here.

Loved. Loved. Loved their flowers!!

This was one of the sweetest father-daugher dances I've ever seen!

Here's the slideshow, but keep in mind, It's not complete coverage of everybody and everything since I was not "on duty" for this one!

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