Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Walk in the Woods

Maple on the Rocks Jigsaw PuzzleMaple on the Rocks Jigsaw Puzzle

Yesterday, Dave and I returned to the Cascades for his third (and finally successful) attempt to reach the waterfall. (Attempt #1 was aborted for Briana's broken leg (Take 1) and attempt #2 with the Special Olympics team was a washout due to a severe thunderstorm (Take 2.) Would you like to come along?

To be continued . . . .


Monika said...

How magnificent!!!
We miss you greatly.
The fall is like candy to my eyes.
With our love,

Cara said...

Oh! Oh! Leaves..I am so relieved to see some...even if it is via. picture and not the real thing :( I caught wind that you were considering (oh just maybe), coming down here to the winter palm trees??? Please do! You have no idea how much everyone here wants to meet you and Dave and Agape...