Thursday, October 04, 2007

River God Gives it Up!!

The Pocket Wizard Lives!!!!! Charlotte scores 3, (I get to keep my glasses, the flash, AND the PW!) river god:!! Insert: evil grin ;-D
See this picture? See that circle? See that flash and PW inside the circle making that cool all around glowing light?

I've been busy today getting ready for THE BIG DAY on Saturday: Chris and Christina's Wedding Day! I've been cooking up some new gear to ramp up my game for the occasion. I'm planning on adding a little "FlashFlavor" with my brand-spankin' new homemade snoot (cereal box cut-out covered in gaffers tape), flash gels (free Lee filter samples with velcro attached), and a hot stick/monopod (painter's pole) to stick my flash where ever I want it! And it all going to work and be cool and fun because I got my PW back!

And just for bearing with me, here's a cool, fun fall picture puzzle for you:
Fly Fishing Jigsaw PuzzleFly Fishing Jigsaw Puzzle

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