Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Think It Over

Signs of Spring Jigsaw PuzzleSigns of Spring Jigsaw Puzzle
We've not heard one little peep out of "Baby Think-It-Over" since Saturday morning. I can't begin to tell you what an enormous disappointment this has been for Agape who has looked forward all year to blissful motherhood for the weekend. Baby goes back to school tomorrow.

Like any proud momma, Agape loves to share her pride and joy with all her friends.
. . . Even if the sharing has to be virtual. Here we are video chatting with Amy.
Now this just offends ALL of my La Leche League sensibilities!!!! (Not to mention that the teachers sent this baby home with only a bottle, even though they are engineered for nursing as well.) Somebody at church gave the candy to baby . . . and you know what happens if you try to take candy away from a baby!

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Scottie said...

How neat to have your blog show up on my Google Alert for "La Leche League", Charlotte!

Your photos are, as always, beautiful!