Friday, March 14, 2008

Ying and Yang

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What a week of contrasts! I have been in grief over Andrey's departure; yet I am delighted with the little signs announcing the arrival of spring around here. I saw the first robins in my yard last Saturday and I am overjoyed with the gift of light that the early arrival of Daylight Saving Time brings.

I received a joyful call from a dear friend last week announcing the news of a sweet little baby on the way; then my heart was broken for them when I heard this week that little life was sadly miscarried.

This week also brought the worrisome news of another dear friend having a biopsy and being brought face-to-face with the fear and uncertainty that brings. Then the next day, I heard the first spring peepers of the season. God always gives us little signs of hope. Today, my first daffodil bloomed in my yard.

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