Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Feel the Earth, Move, Under My Feet . . .

Earth Moving Jigsaw PuzzleEarth Moving Jigsaw Puzzle

While I was hosting camp at the beach, look at what was happening at the homeplace! After 29 years of living with the nuisance of periodic flooding in the basement, we are finally getting it waterproofed! So here are some before and during shots. The after shots are yet to come. In the meantime, we are living on an island in a sea of mud. But we are getting a whole array of other improvements as well. And next week, We are having a heat pump installed. (today is was a wilting 87 in my kitchen.) Oh, the joy of having the 3 scholars out of college!!!
The way things were:

Good bye, old cracked, sunken driveway!

And, good bye, porch, too!

Good bye, house?????

Hello, public sewer!
( that we have been paying for already so many years . . . )

Good bye, crooked ditch . . .

and steep bank!

Hello, new walkway and future wall around the left side!

Good bye race track?? Maybe . . .

Today, we started clearing out the basement (and I mean taking it to the thrift store and the burn pile!) to make way for new shelves that Amos is building. Now this is earth-shaking!!!

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