Monday, September 22, 2008

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Yep! Those are rocks. I've been looking at lots of rocks lately trying to make this huge, permanent, for the rest of my life decision: What kind of rock is going on the wall?????

So, here is the wall in its present state: Not exactly as I had imagined it, but this project has played out the same way all the rest of the job has gone this summer. I think that I have communicated clearly to the contractor the desired end result; I leave town for a week (or more); I come home to find things not quite the way I thought they would be. It's not too bad on this end; it's higher than I expected in the middle . . . .
But this is NOT at all what I had in mind! The wall just drops abruptly at the end, and there is a hill behind it that I won't be able to mow. Sheesh!!! Steep banks and hillsides are what I have been trying to eliminate.
On the brighter side, the back yard and the race track have made the journey from Mars back to green earth!

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