Friday, September 05, 2008

Update on the Landscape

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It's about time for an update from the Martian landscape. Here is the state of affairs just before we left for vacation:
As you can see, the footers for the new wall are in the ground. The work has received a detailed inspection by the kitty patrol . . .

. . . and it now has bears the ubiquitous kitty stamp of approval!
The backyard and racetrack have been raked smooth and seeded with hopes of a return trip back from the red planet to green Earth.
Amber made the trip from up north to the beach by Amtrak and arrived at this charming and beautifully restored station in Hamlet NC:
On a final note, here is the most incredibly brave little five year old guy: His mom and dad brought him over a couple nights ago to get his head sewed up. He sat in his mother's lap stock-still, and never even made a peep throughout the whole procedure. He was wearing Spiderman pj's, but if you ask me, his courage out-shines Spidey any day!

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