Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What's My Name?

Click to Mix and Solve

Michelle commented that they were going to the Creation Museum this weekend, and it reminded me that I still have lots of pictures from our visit last summer. So, here is Adam with the perplexing job of naming all the animals. I wonder if it was a complicated as naming your children. Probably not, since Eve wasn't there yet to say, "Oh, I know somebody named that, and they are a real (Jerk) (dork) (nerd) (flake) (moron) (floozy) . . . "

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David Zwakenberg said...

Hiya! We are looking forward to seeig you at graduation. I also thought I would drop you a link to a blog i started to share photos with my parents and friends... can't claim its as good as yours but I thought you might want the link.