Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sightings at Sandbridge

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A little painting with light fun with a gal we found behind the Baja Restaurant at Sandbridge Sunday night on our little Nor'Ida Safari. She captured our hearts, and perhaps our souls.
We went to see La Princessa which was left on the beach there by Nor'Ida last week. This thing is huge!! It's about the same size as the condominium that it is parked in front off. The last time I can remember being at Sandbridge Beach was my senior year of high school. I talked one of my other sister's friends into driving me down there early in the morning before school to see a dead whale that had washed up on the beach. At 30' long, it was quite a mystical sight rising up out of the pre-dawn mist, but that was nothing compared to the 570' bulk of La Princessa.

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von said...

Yeah! Thanks for returning!!

Love the new pixs and puzzles.

Congrats on the wall; we'll look forward to seeing photos of the finished product.