Friday, November 06, 2009


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Dylan asked for a blog update, so while this is probably not what he had in mind, it's all I can muster until I create some more of this is in my life:
I am consumed with the task of finishing the wall, and we are so tantalizingly close that I cannot stop!! You can just skip over these pictures if you don't want to be sucked into my obsession, but here they are for those inquiring minds that want to know (or who miss the Minister of Fun.)
11:00 am, October 24

Crafty little rock shelves. One day they will hold lanterns to light the drive, or flowers, or seashells, or more rocks . . .

6 pm, October 24: one day's work
I love this view. It makes it look like we're finished!

The Costa Rica shrine. Notice the design on the left hand rock: It's a map of Cathedral Point at Manuel Antonio.

I swore I wouldn't start children younger than two, but this li'l cutie might change my mind!
Aaaaahhhh, now here is a little balance: Caught this sunset 2 weeks ago riding home from LaRae's big fall party.


Amy said...

The wall looks beautiful. I'm so happy to see it almost complete!

von said...

Okay, Charlotte, enough is enough already.....where's our puzzles???

Blame this on Michelle. She sent me to your site a couple of years ago to look at some pixs that you had done of her girls playing basketball.

Well, of course we all got hooked on the puzzles.

My youngest (10yrs.) even has your site as her home page on the computer. She LOVES the puzzles.

Where are our puzzles??????

Please finish the wall and get back to the important things in life, like taking photographs, sharing them, us our puzzles :-)

p.s. I do really like your photography and had already made note of you and your work when I saw it at Shoney's in H'ville some time (a year?) before Michelle sent me to your blog. Good stuff!
Now, there is my sincere, long over due compliment. Can we please get our puzzles?

Oh, and good luck with the wall; I admire you for tackling it!