Monday, October 23, 2006


I'm a blessed woman! I got to spend 3 beautiful days in Corolla with my sis: relaxing, shooting, biking, a little jogging, and even a cold swim. I don't have much to show for it until I get to the darkroom, because this time, I toted around my old OM-4 loaded with a roll of infrared film. What bliss!! I've not been able to shoot with that camera for a long time because I couldn't see through the viewfinder anymore . . . until now. So what's new?? Contacts!! it's a compromise, though. I can see the camera now, but the distance vision really suffers when I'm wearing them.
Here's a few from the trip:
An OBX tradition: sunset on the sound!

There's a new herd roaming around Corolla

Here are a few of the kites we saw at the stunt kite competition.

I have had my eye on this charming little church just outside of Roper, NC for many years, and finally took the time to stop and shoot. The setting just begs for IR. hope the "real" pictures turn out!

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