Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm a Chico's Girl Now

A while back, I read on my Pictage forum about what great gaucho pants for working and shooting that this store, Chicos, sells. I'd never heard of the store before, so I decided to seek one out and found it at VA. Beach when I was visiting Janet. I totally busted out of my normal modus operandi for shopping (usually a trip to Goodwill and The Snob Consignment Shop in Winston once every couple of years or so) and spent 2 hours and an untold sum of money at this great store, thanks to having the "fashion and accessory queen" sister with me. Left to my own devices, I would have walked in, asked for gauchos, and left with a fab pair of gauchos. So, today I roped my sweet hubcap into manning the camera for me and doing a fashion shoot. Phew!! It is twice as much work to set up all the shots and be the model, too, but we did a pretty good job of it. Here's the slideshow, Amy:


Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte,

I just viewed your Blog and I loved it. It is something I can share with my friends to show them what it is like in my little corner of the world.


P.S. I knew you could do it and am looking forward to seeing more.

Muna said...

I love it, I love it :))) It's great. I love your pictures!! Who took the ones of you? They are great.

Anonymous said...

You're beautiful! Love those gauchos!
Made me homesick.