Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Week With My Sister

Last week, my little sis, Janet came to see me: the first time in 17 YEARS!! (It's not like we live on different continents; we live in the same state, for goodness sakes! Janet is a champion survivor. 2 years ago, she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, and this was following 3 years of other health-related afflictions. She's been fighting the good fight and seems to be in better shape now than in the last 6 years. We spent a day at the Chateau Morrissette and even climbed Buffalo Mountain, a truly unique ecological treasure. The next day was spent biking the New River Trail.

We drove back to Virginia Beach on Friday, then went to see the world's tallest sand castle on Saturday, "a soaring wonderland featuring King Neptune, a mermaid, dolphins,turtles, a sprawling octopus all amid a castle and coral reef." (The Virginian Pilot). It was built in honor of the Beach's 33rd annual Neptune Festival, and from the beach level to the castle's spire, it measured 37.9 feet. I finished off this spectacular fall day kayaking from Janet's canal, down Long Creek into Broad Bay and back.

Sunday was another perfect day. We biked from her house through Seashore State Park to the oceanfront (yeah- I know they call it First Landing now . . .whatever!). Best of all, the ocean was still warm enough to swim. I dove in, and when I surfaced and looked back, Janet was motioning frantically at the water. I turned to look, and, OH MY GOODNESS!!! There was a pod of dolphins frolicking not more than 20 yards from me!! What a high!

God is so good to give us this special time together to make treasured memories. Janet begins a new round of agressive chemo on Monday (her most recent scans showed some "nodules" in her lung.) so she may not be feeling so frisky for a while. Thanks for letting me share, and please keep her in your prayers!


J5from the 'burg said...

Super pics as usual!!!

Thanks for sharing what is going on in your part of the world. I'm so happy you had a great time with Janet. I had a really great time with my sis this summer AT THE BEACH!!!!

I'll be watching for future entries---J5 from the 'burg

Dave said...

Misses Mcpherson!
Great pictures as always! I am glad you got to see your sister, sounds like you guys were busy, but that doesnt seem to surprise me too much.

Just in case you were wondering Jenny and I still havent gotten our wedding pictures back and funny Jenny wishes you had done them anyway (shh dont tell) anyway your long lost adopted son in Knoxville checking in!

JP said...

What a great visit to the mountains with my talented sister, the ground glass poet of the family! Even as she prays so vigilantly for my recovery, she finds time to dance upon my worn out bones. Her inspiration and mocking lifted me up that hill. I definitely will return before another 17 years. Thanx to all for their prayers. I need all the help I can get. jp

starla said...

you're having too much fun without me!-starla