Thursday, November 29, 2007

The MOM Overture

Here is something just for all the moms out there, or anybody who has a mother, or anybody else who has ever said or heard the words, "Because I said so!"

I spent a sweet couple of hours today with my firstborn before she crosses back over the big pond. She flew from the nest at age 15 (school at the NC School of the Arts) which means she got short-changed hearing these life-changing words of wisdom for only half of her life. The ones I hope she remembers the mosts are "I Love You." "I'm the MOM!"
Pictures at an Exhibition Jigsaw PuzzlePictures at an Exhibition Jigsaw Puzzle

1 comment:

rsprazak said...

I loved the mom overture. Sure wish I could get the words. what a hoot to perform for the mother daughter banquet!!