Monday, November 05, 2007

Wedding Bells in Charlotte

I Pray the Lord Jigsaw PuzzleI Pray the Lord Jigsaw Puzzle

North Carolina, that is. I had a splendid time in Charlotte this weekend shooting my first weddding for Bella. Cheryl, Parrish, their families and guests were such nice, nice people to spend the day with. Jay Premack, the lead photographer was a gracious, kind gentleman and generous, knowledgable mentor. I'd like to think that Jay's straight-up, well-honed photojournalistic approach and my artistic, aesthetic style will compliment each other's work to give Cheryl and Parrrish wedding images that they will love for a lifetime.

Chris and Christina were so gracious to take me in at 12:30 am to spare me the drive back home in the wee hours. We spent all morning looking at their wedding photos. I can't tell you how much their love, appreciation, and hospitality have blessed me!

OK! Here's just one shot from the wedding of Cheryl's sumptuous dress:

Make that 2 shots :)

Of course, there's lots more where those came from, so stay tuned.

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