Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ramping Up for the Holidays

Pet Me! Jigsaw PuzzlePet Me! Jigsaw Puzzle
I was supposed to be in Richmond this weekend shooting on a project for the Handbell Guild, but the job was cancelled at the last minute, so I received the gift of time instead. This year is McPherson Thanksgiving so we are going to spend the holiday with David's brother, Jimmy, in DC. I took a giant step out of character (always doing things at the last minute) and actually launched into the cooking and preparations yesterday. I wouldn't want to get too far ahead, though; I'll need something to keep me up until 4 in the morning on Wednesday night, Right?

So, here's a little documentary from our quiet day at home:

Cranberry Chutney: As tasty as it is pretty!
And here is how you make it:

Holy Batmobile, Robin!! The cracker house village is already under construction!!
Dr. Mac with his cat and Mac (sporting his latest in techno-geek wear: a brand new bluetooth ear thingy.)
CatNap and MacNap:

Our kiddy-widdies are such a big part of our day . . .
I love Mata Hari's big, rosy pink ears, a nod to her Siamese heritage.

How about those McMuffin whiskers!

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