Friday, December 14, 2007

Another "Life is Good" Moment

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Tonight was the best meteor shower of 2007 according to a report I saw earlier this week on Fox News. I could hardly contain myself when I went out about 7pm and saw that the sky had cleared up. After putting Agape to bed, I called my friend, Barbara, and we bundled up and rode out to the Parkway for the vigil, and we were NOT disappointed this time. Mild temperatures, a perfect viewing spot with a 360 degree big view of the sky, a little raspberry wine, a fat slice of the amazing caramel apple, the love of my life (who is a really good sport!) and a great, game friend all added up to one of those "Life is Good" moments!! Even though I wasn't lucky enough to have the camera on and pointed in the right direction to capture some of the more dramatic meteors, I think we still have some of the most beautiful night-sky viewing of all.

I hope that you can see all the stars on your monitors!

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