Sunday, December 16, 2007

Decorating for Christmas

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One would think that we would have finished up our decorating outside last week while it was sunny and 70, but no. There had to be a "chain-saw massacre" before the lights could be hung, which required the presence and services of Dr. Jekyll (oops! I mean Dr. David) and he wasn't available until today when it was 34 degrees and starting to rain. He actually did a respectable job (under my vigilent eye) of subduing the shrubbery in the front yard for adornment with lights, but then he set his evil eye on my mimosa tree in the back yard. "I'm only going to trim the branches that are growing over the roof . . ." Since I was adorning the shorn shrubs out front, needless to say, he succumbed to his evil tree-slaughtering ways, and now I have a Mimosa stump in my back yard. But the front yard looks really great! I will take pictures when it stops raining.

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~cc~ said...

Oh no! Not the Mimosa!