Saturday, December 08, 2007

Jangled, Jingle Bells

I now have a new definition of terror: Sight-reading somebody else's part on Greensleeves in a concert with NO rehearsal!!

Tonight's puzzle picture was taken by either Andrey or Jengyang last night at the Festival of Lights. I was the designated driver.
Click to Mix and Solve
I have just one little Festival of Lights story to share:
Years ago, I took my friend, Becky, and her 3 (then) small children down to see the lights in one of our more risky automobiles. This one required regular feedings of oil. As we were leaving the park, the oil light came on, so I dutifully stopped, popped open the hood and a can of oil, and started pouring it into the engine. Unbeknownst to me, behind the raised hood, one of the little boys climbed out of his car seat into the driver's seat and laid on the horn, which of course, made me about jump out of my skin, and consequently; douse the engine compartment with oil. We had only driven a few minutes when great clouds of black smoke began billowing out of the engine compartment. I quickly brought the car to halt, jumped out, and opened the hood to see flames erupt!!! I suppose I should have been in "rescue and run mode," but instead, I was in McPherson "invincible mode," so I grabbed a coat or baby blanket (the exact snuffing implement escapes my dim memory now) and beat the flames out. Mission accomplished, we drove back home without any further complications other than the stench.

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