Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flat Stanley's Not So Interesting Day

Well, not so interesting for an adventurous little boy, anyway. First thing this morning, Stanley had to go to the Grannies' Country Line Dancercize class with me. It's a fun way for me to get my steps in (10,000/day is my goal) and who knows, Stanley just might start liking his women "a little on the trashy side" too, if he keeps listening to that country music.

He had a quiet afternoon at home, then it was off to Winston for Rejoice rehearsal tonight. Stanley likes riding in the car right up front looking out the window to see all the new sights: especially watching the mountains don their spring colors. He was so excited to see Pilot Mountain go by. They don't have anything like that in Florida. Of course, he wanted to go hiking there when I told him about the great trail all around the base of the big knob, but we won't have time for any hiking until Saturday.
Boy was he amazed when he saw all the bells out at rehearsal tonight. He just might leave all that country music behind, and become a bell hog. He was groovin' to the strains of our new jazz and gospel numbers that we will be playing at the International Symposium in Orlando this summer. He just might find a way to get to Orlando to hear the hundreds of ringers from all over the world. At the end of rehearsal, we asked Stanley which bell he would like to play. His answer was "B flat" of course!!!!

Here is a puzzle that Stanley picked out.
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Amy Renzulli said...

B Flat - ha ha!

Cara said...

Oh Flat Stanley! Hunter and his family were just amazed at all the craft and effort you put into this project for him-I just had to come take a look for myself. They are simply adorable. We'll be up the Virginia way sooooon! And boy are Amos and I happy about that.