Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Great, Big Fat Weekend

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1 great big Jewish wedding plus 1 JoyBell Ringer performance in King, NC in 1 weekend = twice the fun for one exhausted camera-toting, arm -waving momma!!

Aren't Jessie and Andy the picture of bliss?

The JoyBell Ringers continue to wow everybody we play for. Some fun comments from the day: The pastor of the Rock Church where we played said he had heard lots of handbell groups in his day, but he had never heard bells played like that before! Another lady introduced herself as a former ringer said that if she had to play that music , she would just vomit! It can be nerve-wracking; I've felt the same way myself at times. I really, really do need to upload some video of them. We are going to festival this weekend in Charlotte, NC (the Queen City) with the rockin' Mr. Tim Waugh, YaHOOOO!!!!!

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