Thursday, April 10, 2008

Places to Go

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This has been a day full of preparations for the JoyBell Ringer's great trip to our festival in Charlotte NC. I am soooooo excited to be taking them there because, I always plan a mystery trip for them, and NO! I can't tell you, either!!!! and the other reason is because we get to work with the fabulous Mr. Tim Waugh!! This is ironic because 2 years ago we went to a festival in Raleigh where Tim was to be the clinician, but he had to be replaced due to his kidney transplant surgery occurring just prior to the festival. This time, Tim is the replacement for the scheduled clinician who had surgery today.

All this trip planning reminds me of how much I want to take these kids on tour and the first place I want to take them is to the Georgia Aquarium. It's my favorite one in the whole world!

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