Friday, May 02, 2008

Some Cats I Know

Cats Jigsaw PuzzleCats Jigsaw Puzzle

CATS is coming to Galax this weekend. I attended the dress rehearsal because I will be out of town during all the performances. (Yahoo! I get a beach fix this weekend!)
Meet some of the CATS I know:
Katie Cat

Taylor Cat

Daisy and Taylor Cat

Beth Cat (center)

Another Beth Cat

Claire Cat

Cute Cat (alright I don't know this one, but she's just to cute to leave out!)

Rachel Cat

Rebekah Cat

Stephen Cat

Christine Cat

Audrey Cat

Susan Cat

Gary Cat

Another Katy Cat (go ahead and slurp this one from my blog, Katy!)

Cool Cat (I don't know this one either, but he sure can sing!)


Katy said...

Thanks!!!! I love all your photos!!

I love Gary's!!

Lori said...

The "Rachel" cat photo is simply smashing, but my heart goes out to the "Cute" cat, who is one of my own, and happens to be a "Mia" cat.
Love the pics!

Katie G. said...

All of the Clarks and Christine look great!!!!!

katethedancer said...

hey! awesome pics Mrs. C!