Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coming Home

McPhersons Jigsaw PuzzleMcPhersons Jigsaw Puzzle
Put the McPhersons back together again! If only it were that easy. Amber returns to Germany tomorrow and Jimmy And Carol are headed to France on Thursday. And MOI??? I still haven't recovered from my week in California (with red-eye flight and drive from Charlotte to get back home.)

Indian summer has arrived here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Today, I saw a tree that was already changing! I spent this glorious day with Christina, shooting her bridal portraits, which I am JUST DYING to post here, but of course, we don't want Chris to be sneeking any peeks. But I will say, that he is going to be one big 'ole puddle when he lays eyes on her!

Here is a parting shot that shows you even though Los Angeles is a killer culture shock for me; never the less, it is a mermaid-friendly state.

Photo made by Amy with her cell phone.

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