Saturday, September 15, 2007


Castle Builders Jigsaw PuzzleCastle Builders Jigsaw Puzzle
It's come to my attention that I have fallen behind posting my puzzles. Please forgive me as my recent travels have disrupted my connection to the world-wide web. So tonight, I have internet, but not my computer. However, I brought a DVD of beach pics to give to Amy, so I did find something to share along the theme of our beach week traditions, which after 24 years, there has been some evolution, but some things never change.
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Building sand castles. (photo thanks to Vicki McPherson}

The family photo.

Going to the sound for the sunset. (photo by Amy Mac Renzulli)

Somebody's flesh being stitched back together by Dr. David. (Thankfully, this isn't an every year occurance, though he ususally ends up doing some kind of doctoring before the week is finished.)

Kite flying.

Showering outside. (photo by her mom, Vicki)

Riding the ferry to Ocrcoke,

and feeding the seagulls.

Going to see the lighthouses (photo by Vicki McPherson)
The Trivial Pursuit war between the genders.


Creative arts. (In years past, I planned the craft activitiy for all the cousins; now they are creative on their own.

Other traditions not pictured:
The Seafood Feast!
The Curry Dinner!
Sailing (Oh, the stories I could tell!)
Brave attempts by the Coast Guard to Rescue us (stories I really should tell. These are rich!!)
Long walks on the beach.
And this year, a new tradition to add to the list: Letterboxing. (photo by Agape)

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Cara said...

OOoo So great to see more pictures! I will have to show Amos. We were thinking of you yesterday at SeaWorld...Wish you could have seen the underwater beauties and dolphin shows with us! We will have to pass some shots your way soon.