Monday, September 10, 2007

Home, Sweet Wi-Fi

At last! I am rolling down the information highway again. Goodness, I didn't realize how dependent I have become.

So, the 2007 McPherson beach week is now history. sniff, sniff. . . but there are lots of lovely photos waiting, when I have some time. We had perfect weather the whole week and left just in time for Gabriella to move in. I've been watching news clips of the storm on the weather channel site today. It's a little surreal to be watching surf on the very same beach we just left. It was vigorous swimming on Friday with some swells in the 5 to 6 foot range and a little rip current action going on: just the kind of stuff a mermaid needs to satisfy the soul.

Thanks to Amy, I will have some lovely portraits for my website's bio page; no mean feat, I might add, considering the model she had to work with!

It was a nerve-wracking ride home in the party wagon. (Always an adventure lurking, huh?) We were 20 minutes late out of the starting gate, but not to worry because I had padded our departure time by an hour so we wouldn't have to stress over making Amy's 3:00 pm flight from Raleigh. Well, 3 stops later we had whittled all of our bonus time away and were on course to arrive at the airport 1 hour before her flight time, when the van started swaying like a leaf in the wind. I slowed down and took note that the trees were not dancing with the wind like we were. Hmmmmm . . .no wind, so what could it be???? We were pulling off to assess the situation ( it felt like the van would topple at any moment), when we heard the rumble of a tire going flat. Uggghhhh!!!!!!! Of course, all the tire-changing gear was buried in the depths under the back seat, barricaded by a week's worth of beach life support gear. We looked like the Keystone Cops unpacking, ripping that tire off, and shoveling it all back in, then rolling pell-mell the last 50 miles to the airport, even though, by now, the prospects of Amy catching that plane looked hopeless. We screeched to the curb at 2:35pm, Amy bolted out, and was miraculously seated on the plane before I could get parked and come inside!! Who would have imagined in this day and time that you could arrive 25 minutes prior to departure and both your body and your luggage would make it onto your flight!!

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sandyg said...

Amy is very talented!

Lovely pictures. I especially like the one of you jumping for joy, which seems an apt commentary on your indomitable spirit.