Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mermaid Musings

Snow White Jigsaw PuzzleSnow White Jigsaw Puzzle
Isn't she a fun gal? We just had to do a little bit of cutting up when we were shooting Christina's portraits this week. Only 2 more weeks until you can see those; I can hardly wait!! I thought this shot would be a safe sneak peek in case Chris comes snooping around; he won't be getting any clues about her exquisite dress. Your days are numbered, buddy; seriously, you will completely disolve when you see her coming down the aisle.

We took a walk tonight on the Beaver Dam Creek Trail over in Hillsville and there were little splashes of fall color everywhere. That trail is a secret jewel! The sound of rushing water, the sweet air, the pasture with the friendly horses that turns misty before your eyes when the sun sets, the red benches, the springy mulch under your feet, the stately Carter Pines, the landscape still dotted with wildflowers, the goldenrod almost at the peak of bronze
bloom . . . . ahhhhh . . . .

So, what's this blurry picture doing up on my blog???? I took that snapshot tonight with Agape's camera (hand-held at about 1/5 sec.) while we were on our walk, and I'm posting my technically bad picture up here because, even though it is far from perfect; when I see it, all of the memories of a delightful walk instantly fill my mind in vivid detail. So take more pictures y'all! You can never have too many pleasant moments stored up, and the bad shots work just as well as the prize-winners to unlock those memories for you to savor again.

Britney spent the night with Agape. Already they are practicing for next semester when they both will get to bring the baby, "Think it Over" home.

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