Monday, January 07, 2008

Another Page from the McPherson's Memory Book

Christmas Palms Jigsaw PuzzleChristmas Palms Jigsaw Puzzle

Johnny told us about Floridians lighting up their palm trees for Christmas. Coming from the land of Christmas tree farms, we were greatly amused by the quirky tropical themed decorations.

It was a great joy to share our graham cracker/gingerbread house tradition with new friends. We had the house-building party outside on the patio at night. The tables were continually getting covered in dew from the humidity; the crackers were getting soft, the candy was sticking together, and the icing wouldn't dry; all construction hazards I had never considered before since this is an indoor, wintertime activity here in Virginia.

Amos' lovely Cara and her masterpiece:

Michelle, who is a bride today (Congratulations!)

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