Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Good Story from the OBX

Earlier this week, I got to visit on the phone with my dear friend, Starla. We were reminiscing about our trip to the Outer Banks a few years ago and it reminded me of a good God story that happened there.

See those glasses lying in the sand? They belong to Dylan. He lost them on the first day that we were at the beach. He took them off and laid them on the blanket while they were building castles down by the water, but then he forgot about them. The blanket was taken up and the glasses vanished. We all searched diligently morning , noon, and night all around the spot the blanket had been, but after several days had passed, I became more and more convinced that they had not been on the blanket, but were, instead, laid down closer to the water, and subsequently washed away. He was a pretty sad little bloke the rest of the week, not being able to see well, and dreading the prospects of having to tell the bad news to Dad when he returned home.

On the last night there, after Dylan and his family left, the rest of us were out on the beach savoring the last precious moments, when Starla glanced over to the stroller and noticed Nicky's glasses laying in the sand beside the stroller. Indignant over his irresponsibility, and the prospect of losing another pair of glasses in one week, she summoned him, "NICHOLAS JAMES!!!" When Nicky looked up from his playing, his glasses were planted right on his nose where they belonged. Could it BE?!?!?!?! After a whole week out on the beach?!?!?! It was!!! We had found Dylan's glasses, just sitting there in plain view on top of the sand, not even scratched!!!! How they were hidden from our sight all week, and then suddenly revealed is a great mystery; or was it God's tender-loving care for a down-trodden little lad?

So here is another memory from that wonderful week: Isn't that surf magnificent!
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