Friday, January 18, 2008

One Day Tour

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Thanks to my able, coerced, assistants (Barbara, Larry, and Kim) we have a slideshow of the JoyBell Ringers' one day tour in Winston yesterday. You will see them playing for the seniors at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, then you will see them in the Wake Forest bell tower eagerly learning all about the grand carillon there. Mr. Ray Ebert, the carilloneur, was a kind, engaging host and gave the children a most memorable experience. He is also a magnificent organist, and with very little prodding, treated us to a short sampling of his skills on the organ in Wait Chapel. When the first notes engulfed the chapel, the majesty of it immediately brought tears to my eyes.

So, here's the slideshow: JoyBell Ringers' One Day Tour (see if you can spy the forsythia already blooming in Winston!)
And a couple of pics just in case you don't have time for a slideshow.

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