Saturday, January 05, 2008

Beach Time (Believe it or Not!)

Ocean Rush Jigsaw PuzzleOcean Rush Jigsaw Puzzle

Hard to believe that we were swimming in the Atlantic just a little over a week ago, now that we are back home where the nights have been single digits chilly! We spent Christmas with our son, Amos, in Florida and had a great time meeting and fellowshipping with Cara's family. Here are some shots taken on the beach the night we arrived.

Cara and her sister, Renee


Michelle said...

What beautiful pictures! We had a great time sharing our Florida Christmas with you...shrimp, dewy gingerbread houses, and moon-lit beach nites.

May we share many more...
Love Michelle

Cara said...

Oh my goodness! These are so stunning Charlotte. What a Christmas present these are for me! Thanks for taking such gorgeous (almost engagement like, I might add) photos for us non-photogenic types. What a treat :)

C McPherson said...

Non-photogenic?!?!?! Such HOTNESS!! . . .Well, he'll need a wardrobe intervention before the real engagement shoot!

Shrimp? Did I hear shrimp?!?! Pardon me while I go drool.
We had such a blast spending Christmas with the Iavarone's. I'm almost finished editing the vacation pics, so be on the lookout for a slideshow soon.