Sunday, January 27, 2008


Clickity Clack Jigsaw PuzzleClickity Clack Jigsaw Puzzle

Recently, we have been making some miniscule, but none the less, brave, attempts at removing some of the clutter in our house. Amy would be so proud! I could post up a picture of what our kitchen desk looks like tonight: my side, gleaming, pristine, and just as fresh and naked as a newborn baby's butt; and David's side packed 3 rows deep and towering to the overhead cabinets; but that wouldn't be fair. Because the truth is, he has been helping, too. He single-handedly, completely emptied the junk drawer, and streamlined the port-side cabinet over the stove, and now, for the first time ever, I have a place in my kitchen to put the dish towels. Truly a wonder!

So, what does this have to do with the puzzle of the roller coaster ride? One of the hidden gems that I uncovered today was a devotional article that I had saved from the Campus Crusade publication, Worldwide Challenge about a roller-coaster ride, written by Deborah Robbins. I hope she won't mind me sharing it Under the C.

    "Walking toward the mountainous twists of steel beams and magnets, my heart beats a little faster. With every step closer to a roller coaster, I get an incomparable rush.

    As I wait in line, I hear the shrieks and squeals of exhilarated riders. Then it's my turn. I jump into my seat, pull down the chest guard, and fasten the belt. The attendants double-check the locks. I know that I am safe, but my heart pounds even faster.

    Slowly the chains crank me up the first hill, and I leave the secure ground. I know the track continues beyond the first hill, but I can't yet see it. My heart continues to race.

I reach the zenith, and suddenly I'm flying. The coaster, twists, turns, flips me upside down. I never know when the ride will end, and during those incredible moments, I can't decide whether I want it to or not.

Sure, I can choose to meander through the park, watching others ride the rides, spending all my money on memorabilia. But then I would never feel my heart beat.

    Throughout life, God gives me similar opportunities to walk in faith, trusting Him through uncertainties. I can choose to ride the ride of faith, like when I initiate a spiritual conversation with someone. Or I could just stay on the ground, where everything appears stable.

    Without faith, it is impossible to please God. With faith, I please Him, experience His hand of safety, and I can feel my heart beat. What a ride."

I hope you are inspired, as I am, to risk experiences that allow us to feel our heart beat. And now that I have saved this story in a safe place, that's one more piece of paper that can leave my house! 

Oh, and for the record, I DO love a great coaster!!

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Amy Renzulli said...

I AM proud of you guys. Way to go!