Friday, April 10, 2009

#14 on My List

In Remembrance Jigsaw PuzzleIn Remembrance Jigsaw Puzzle

After a wildly, raucous, and did I say LOUD day of performing and rehearsing in a ringing-in-my-ears LOUD place, Pastor Hendrix asked if I could come take some photos of the preparations for our Maundy Thursday service. To tell you the truth, I had completely forgotten about it, and at the moment the only thought filling my mind was going home, unplugging the phone, and putting a pillow over my head. I politely declined, and did in fact, go home and put it out of mind. A little later, I was heading out the door for a walk, and as an afterthought, pushed the play button on the answer machine. There it was again: Would it be possible for me to take some photos at the service tonight? Nudge . . .Nudge . . ."Yes, God."

I found time for #14 on my list.

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Michelle said...

beautiful.... and they speak of an unbelievable event that you caught so well on "film".... Happy Resurrection, Charlotte.